Add Yourself to the IPPGA Pilots/Members List

Gary Brown  West Chicago  IL  Paralite SkyCruiser Top-80  Paratoys (M), Swing Arcus (M)  Contact me anytime to fly -- I can be reached at (630) 660-8231 or gary@thebrownhouse.org 
Dick Bluhm  River Falls  WI  SkyCruiser RDM100  MacPara Muse 30m red on white  also known as Woody McStiffie 
N. Brian DelCampo  Racine  WI  Black Devil-'Paracrusier' on a trike  Sol Ellus XL DHV1-2 (Purple)  Can usually be found most any weekend flying out of Winfield or Racine R/C club 
Dave Moore  Yorkville  IL  Black Hawk with Black Devil  Sky Atis  I consider myself a certifiable PPG junkie…I fly whenever possible. I fly out of Cushing Field, the Polo Field, Harry Port, a site in Yorkville and a site in Indiana.  
Jeff Steinkamp  Quincy  IL      Just getting started. 
Dave McWhinnie  Skokie  IL  RDM 100 Skybolt  Muse 28, ADG Salsa 28  P3 PG pilot also. 
Lance Marczak  Kankakee  IL  Parapower Solo 210  Spice 22 and Vox 27   
Mike Cannella  Antioch  IL  Paracruiser BD, Monster tandem trike  Ozone Rush Power, Independence Speed   Contact me thru www.nippgi.com USPPA certified Instructor, tandem trike instructor, USHGA P3 
Eugene Hablik  Algonquin  IL  La Mouette/Zenoah - DK Wr. GTO / KY TRI  Witamin 32  need any engine help repair? I,m a mester tech / licenced rebuilder call me 630 601-9696 
Jim Filgut  Elgin  IL       
Marc Damon  Geneva  IL  Black Devil  Eden 2   
Jeff Goin  Naperville  IL  Top 80, Snap 100, Black Devil, Solo 210  Spice  www.FootFlyer.com 
James  Hudsonville  MI  Solo 210  Swing Mistral 2-24   
Rich Morris  Edgerton  WI  MZ100  Paratoys  It's a pig of a wing, but so much fun.... 
Andrew Szymikowski  Wood Dale  IL  Black Devil  Vox, FreeX   
John De Franco  North Prairie  WI  Skybolt  30 Eden III   
Fred Rafilson  Evanston  IL  Fly Products Kompress - Black Devil 172  FreeX - X1  Also training for my Sport Pilot license on a microlight trike 
Mike Koval  Glenwood  IL  Airfer BiMax and Tornado  Spice, Muse and Reflex2   
Pete Sachs  Naperville  IL  Simonini 122 Freshbreeze  MAC Eden2   
Paul Wolak  Wheeling  IL  Blackhawks, Black Devil 172cc  Swing Arcus,    
Sam Balcius  Berwyn  IL  Black Devil  Ozone Rush  Beginer, but junkie in a future 
Stann Honey  Sula  MT  Black Hawk, Blackdevil Engine  Paratoys , Revolution, Power Pluto    
Rogger Mill  Saint Louis  MO       
Scott Clark  Northbrook  IL  rdm100  mentor muse 30   
Piotrek Kornacki  Chicago  IL  MZ 100 Paracruiser  Ozone Indy   
Ivan Kondaurov  High Ridge   MO  Nirvana, Simmonini 2  Nirvana, Desire-28m  No comment, just one flying Russian.. 
Don Jordan  Monticello  IN  HE 80, FB AirBoss  Eden 4 25   
Gale Gregory  Sandwich  IL  Black hawk with Black Devil 172cc  paratoys 33 red - n - black  Big and Slow \ Big Red new at it # 27  
Jerzy Dachowski  BURBANK  IL  PARAMOTOR SOLO 210  VOX 29   
Bedloik  London  LONDON  None  None  The more you know about site: URLsWithHREF 
Wesley woo  Kankakee  IL  skycruiser top 80 para-lite  macpara eden 3 24 meter   
Michael Mixer  Fowler   IL  MZ100, MZ34 lowboy II Quad  Eden II28, paratoys II 33  Paratoys Dealer, Parts and maintance. www.discoverpoweredparagliding.net 
Mike Gerenda  Highland  IN  Simonini 122 Freshbreeze   Eden 3  Just getting back into it after a long hiatus  
Mark Mixer  Fowler  IL  Black Devil 172 with LowBoy II Quad  Paratoys I 30M   
John Stovall  Cedar Lake  IN  Fly Products Power Jet Top80  Velvet 23   
Randy Eidson   Clayton  IL  Blackhawk MZ34  Paratoys II  low and slow and lovin it  
Read Flake  Oswego  IL  Black Devil 172  Paratoys  Training and looking forward to getting in the air! 
Jaro Krupa  Plainfield  IL  black devil, sky100, ......  Pegas, Sky Country, Ozone, Sol and more  pg dealer 
John Bloom  Champaign  IL  Fly Products Kompress Black Devil  Eden IV 28  need more people in Central illinois :) If you want to fly in Champaign/Urbana, call me at 217-493-7548  
Othar Lawrence  Lockport  IL  Flat Top  Gin Boom 7  I'm new to the IL area and looking for places to burn some gas. 
Wally "Bucky" Hines  Rolling Prairie  IN  top 80 sky cruiser  various   
Mark Esme  Goodfield  IL  Fresh Breeze Monster  Edel   Trike "The Pod" 
Don Berg  Queensland , Australia    Top 80 iflyer - Top 80 SkyCrusier  ADG Salsa - Sunwing Boxer - Apco Fiesta   
Francesco De Santis  Mediapolis  IA  Miniplane Top 80  MacPara Eden 3, APCO Force M  fly from our farm, we have 4 acre flat grass field 
Michael Spaargaren  Chicago   IL  Fresh Breeze Simonini  Edel   
Brandon   Warrensburg  IL  Looking for one now!!  Paratoys Momentum 28meter  Looking for more people in central illinois, decatur, illinois area to fly with!!! call me anytime!! (217) 519 - 2693 also looking to buy great used motor!!! 
Jesse Kipling  Metamora  IL  he 80  power pluto II 21   
Lawrence Koral  Naperville  IL      Newbie looking to get into the air in early 2012 
Rob Reinold  Fowler  IL  BlackHawk R80  Momentum   
Larry Koral  Naperville  IL  R125  Momentum   Always looking for a safe place near Naperville to fly. 
David Leslie  Roscoe  IL  Blackhawk BH125 with Rhino cage  28 m Momentum   
Kim Carico  Urbana  IL       
Mark Welchert  Quincy  IL  snap 100   muse   Novice Student 
Oliver Winkler  Des Plaines  IL  Black Hawk 125  Paratoys Edge 30   
Larry Koral  Naperville  IL  Polini Thor 130  Eden 5   
John Petzke  Aurora  IL  MZ175 - Paracruiser Frame  Karma Sport  Learned from Mike Cannella up at Winfield 
Bill  Kildeer  IL  none  none  new pilot, still in training 
Vitali Tupikov  Mundelein  IL  Vitorazi Moster 185  BGD WASP  Flying in Bristol WI Intrested in new flyable places in N IL and S WI 
Chris Solomianko  Arlington Heights  IL  Nitro 200  Dudek universal, Dudek nucleon xx.  Hit me up at 312-402-2037 if you want to fly together in North-West subs of Chicagoland.